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The great blue heron


Great blue heron Our logo features a well-known visitor to the area: the great blue heron (Ardea herodias).

These beautiful and graceful birds are found throughout most of North America and as far south as Florida and Mexico. They prefer to wade in shallow streams and lakes, hunting fish, small frogs and other small animals.

The largest heron in North America (height up to four feet and wingspan that can reach over six feet), the great blue heron has a greyish-blue body with bright yellow bill and white face with a black streak running along the top of the head.

Like all herons, the great blue flies with it's neck folded back, instead of straight like a crane. It's common to see them flying low along the water using a slow, almost lazy beat of the wings.

On the Pond has had several herons stop by in summer months to rest and fish along our shore. These magestic birds are among the many species of wildlife we are fortunate enough have around us.

Other local wildlife

New Brunswick has extensive forests, lakes and rivers plus hundreds of kilometers of coastline. The low population density provides an unspoiled habitat for species including black bear, deer, fox, and beaver.

At On the Pond, a local family of deer visit the grounds on many mornings and evenings. We also have a young fox who patrols the area, though he is quite wary of people.

About two kilometres (1.2 miles) up the hill is a natural beaver pond with a resident family of beaver and their lodge. It's common to see at least one beaver in the water or on the shore. The province maintains an interpretive walking trail around the pond describing the life cycle of beaver which makes a lovely short walk any time of the year.

Birders will enjoy some of the 411 bird species seen in New Brunswick, including the provincial bird the black-capped chickadee, the blue heron (above) and even the golden eagle.

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